price list

Prints of the photo’s are for sale. They will be printed as high quality glicé-prints with a white border. Prices depend on the desired sizes. If you are interested, please contact me.

The bronzes:

Humpback whale: 1975 euro (including the stand)

Small clawed otters: 1000 euros each, 1800 for the pair

Emperor Penguins: adults 800 euro each, chick 400 euro (1800 euro for the family)

Sea Otter: 1500 euro

Harbour Seal: 1000 euro

Gorilla: 1500 euro

Murmeli: 1500 euro

Squirrel: 1900 euro

Mock charge: 1200 euro

All bronzes are a limited edition of 10. They are cast to order, so it will be about two months for completion.

Onze vis is afkomstig uit duurzame bronnen.

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